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Hello folks,

How are things at your end?All Well I believe.So, here i want to tell you that sickness doesn’t have to always be related with this corona virus only. As corona has taken the center stage in each and everyone’s life one cannot avoid relating to it.Sickness always relates to being physically and mentally unwell. Nonetheless,I’m going to pen my hilarious take on a sickness which is not related to physical well-being.I Am sure everyone can connect and relate this to somebody related or known to them.

Mr. Hari is a well educated, a professor in a well reputed…

Hello friends

The pandemic has successfully affected all walks of life irrespective of their gender, religion or race. With the many problems that “you know who” has led us to, the most brushing is that of our beloved maid.I must say that during the precovid times, my relationship with my maid had started to become rather strained. With the expanse of technology and the need for more efficiency , I may have replaced my maid with a brand new washing machine.Her presence was still required as she did the dishes and mopped the floor. Yes, I am aware of what…

Hello guys!

Hope all are doing well. It’s a very grim and unprecedented situation across the country. None of us are able to free ourselves from the firm iron clutches of the Corona virus! Hoping to lighten everyone’s mood, I have penned a small story. Hope you guys enjoy reading it!

Arpita is a young woman in her 20s working as a software engineer in a large tech company in Bangalore. She stays by herself and leads a totally independent life with no one to control her. Outside of work, she loves to do outdoor activities like swimming, jogging and…

Hey guys,

The picture I have posted above must be interesting to see, But still can a toddler joining a Nursery School remain a dream?

Hereby I’m trying to describe a situation faced by parents of a toddler who is on the verge of starting a budding career by joining a play-school.

Mr Kumar and his wife Kripa were blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Bubbly who is 2 years and 9 months old. Bubbly as her name suggests was a very happy and joyous baby. She had a bubbly infectious smile which caught everyone’s attention as a baby.Her…


Nature always has intrigued me a lot. Over here on the left hand side of this page I have captured pics of sun setting in a collage.Sun is setting and giving way to moon to take over in a phased manner.

The descending Day-star!!

Hello guys,

Nowadays it has become essential for every one to follow a regime to develop good metabolism and also become healthy both physically and mentally.

Hereby , I have posted certain foods which if included in one’s daily morning routine will help in maintaining basic good health.

First and foremost is to Wake up early in the morning to see the Sunrise!

In the above shown collage , I have posted a pic of soaked Fenugreek seeds or Methi seeds {in Hindi} in water. These seeds soaked overnight, which if taken regularly at least for 40 days will control…

Lamps or Diyas are lit in most of the households ,Temples and also in business houses etc etc throughout India.There are countless shapes of diyas from very small lit , in households to very big, usually lit , in temples.

I hereby have tried to put a few pictures of Diyas which I have clicked in temples ,which i visited. Diyas represent knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment.

Hello guys!

SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST ! This is a very popular “ Quote “ which all of us are very much familiar with. .We all started hearing this “ QUOTE” since we were kids of say 8th standard or so I believe. Perhaps, our Parents felt that it was the best time and age when their respective wards will start beginning to understand the same. That is being SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!

Besides Parents telling us , we also have been experiencing the same at various stages of our life, spanning from being a middle school student and till…

Today’s World and Generation was and is into digital mode totally. Artificial Intelligence added to the existing smartphones and other gadgets has made people behave more like a Robot!!!! Very mechanical without any sentiments , emotions and totally unaware of human feelings. And also to top everything there are various types of apps which can be used to suit your needs . And hence everything is available for buying be it , Food, Clothes, pantry ,Cosmetics ,Medicines, or Be it Ayurveda or Allopathy Medicines , Spectacles, Indoor plants , Decor Items etc etc etc. Endless options i must say. …

I always had a craze for Tom and Jerry since my childhood like everyone used to like. Whenever the Tom and Jerry cartoon show used to be telecast in the TV those days I used to run and sit in front of the screen to watch the mischief constantly carried out by Jerry , keeping Tom on his toes 24✕7. Those days we didn’t have the luxury of watching so many channels and , . hence we were not spoiled for choice . And honestly we were loving the channels which were telecast be it , DD ,Entertainment .or …

Uma v s

Homemaker ,with a zest for writing.👍❤️🥰

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